Monday, May 10, 2010

I'mma bloggin' all over the place

These interwebs just got a little more awesome...

Apparently, this blog is my personal one, which means I've been updating my personal blog at work 3 times a week for several months. Whoops.

What's happened now, though, is the big guys upstairs (actually, my bosses are like a couple yards away, and much smaller than me, but shut up) have seen fit to deem on me an "OFFICIAL TONY MACKENZIE BLOG OF THE AWESOME". I'm still keeping this one, and they'll even be called the same thing, and I'll be updating them with the same stuff (mostly), but at that one I'm accountable as an employee. I guess that makes me unaccountable here? Does that mean I can insult people without official repercussions now?


That felt nice.

Anyway, it's fun. That blog will go with my new column, "A Dose of Vitamin T", that starts this Saturday and will run every other week. Rock on.

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